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Some will walk through the Pearly Gates.

Some will ride...

There are some we meet in passing
And forget as soon as they go
There are some we remember with pleasure
And feel honoured and privileged to have known

Vince "Thumper" Tessier

16 February, 2011

SCRC# 437064

3rd Officer


Vince will always be remembered for his tireless dedication to the SCRC and to his beloved Ottawa Chapter 437 in particular. He was our 3rd Officer, and in many members' eyes, one of the strongest links to hold the Chapter together both internally and with the rest of the club. Among his many attributes, he was a tireless supporter of SCRC activities and rides. In his 1st Officer's words, "Vince's enthusiastic participation in organizing and joining in on club rides was the reason for our Chapter's success.

It will not be the same without Vince being with us,

but I know he continues to ride with the club in heart and soul. Rest In Peace brother, and keep looking out for us as you always have! 

Daniel "Grampa Dan" Bissetsmith

29 November, 2013



Peacefully went to be with Jesus the Lord, in the arms of his loving wife, Marylin. Dan will be sadly missed, he was a special person. The only thing that would make him miss a ride, was if he had an activity with his grand kids.


Dan we know you have a special place in heaven.



Glen "Spinewitch" McLeod

28 May, 2014

SCRC# 437056



Glen was the consumate biker. He rode more kilometers in a week that most do in a month or two.  His dry sense of humour was surprising at first, but once you knew him, he was fun to be around. Once he retired, Glen travelled not only to see his kids and grandkids, but just for the fun of it. 


Glen, we know you are looking out for us from up there. We all miss you my friend.

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