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Ride Captains and Tail Gunners Guidelines

First of all, thank you for volunteering to take on the position of Ride Captains (RC) and Tail Gunners (TG).  You have been trusted with the safety and security of the group you are leading.  As such, you are responsible for making sure the ride goes smoothly and that you adapt not only to the prevailing road conditions, other road users, and the weather, but also to all the riders within the group (type of motorcycle, skill levels, etc).  Riding in a group requires a different mindset than when riding solo or with a few friends, whose riding style is known.


RC and TG must exhibit a greater degree of self-discipline. The main goal of the RC, is to keep the ride safe and keep the group together.  He or she is helped by the actions of the TG. Remember, you are leading a group that can extend a few hundred meters behind you, which means that your every moves will take time to be completed by the last rider (normally the tail gunner) 


As a RC / TG, you have to be fully aware and apply these GUIDELINES. Nevertheless, as anything in life nothing is set in concrete. The document will give you the basis of the job, but nothing can replace your brain, common sense and being able to react correctly to a given situation. The RG and TC positions are very important in a Chapter; the executives of the Chapter have put their trust in you. Thank you again for taking on these tasks.

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